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About us

Charité already boasts a range of different experts actively engaged in promoting the principles of diversity at various levels. Our network is essential in facilitating crucial knowledge exchange, dialog, and collaboration.

Charité's Diversity Network (Netzwerk ‘Diversity - gelebte Vielfalt an der Charité') hopes to create synergies, pool activities, and develop structures to ensure that diversity continues to be respected, practiced and enhanced by all.

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Diversity network - lived diversity at the Charité

The board of directors signed the Diversity Charter back in 2013, while the women's and equality officers initiated the diversity network - diversity in action at the Charité. Many experts with a wide variety of orientations and objectives are active at the Charité on the subject of diversity. Therefore, working together in a network is essential for us. Only together, with the input and suggestions of all employees and students, can we strengthen a non-discriminatory environment in clinics, science, studies and administration at the Charité. We encourage networking between employees and students in the company. The network serves as a platform to make the diverse activities, projects and initiatives on diversity visible. The interprofessional network is open to everyone.

Diversity as normalcy in the global world

In modern and growing societies, diversity is more the norm. Diversity should therefore be treated with interest and viewed as a welcome enrichment. Diversity orientation can be of great benefit for individuals as well as for companies. Supporting diversity and developing potentials directs attention to people's resources, their talents and their expertise (see diagram).

Organizations can benefit from languages, experiences based on age, emotional and transcultural competence, resilience, perseverance and much more. Likewise, in the course of life, all people can themselves be affected by the devaluation within one of the diversity dimensions at one point or another:

  • We will all age, may experience impairments or disabilities, or chronic illnesses.
  • Half of the (world) population are women and many of them do family and care work in addition to their job.
  • Our worldview can come into conflict with the environment or the political system. Many of us know stories of flight, displacement or exclusion from our own families.

We also see our task as a diversity network in reflecting those social “norms”, processes and regulations that devalue people in their diversity or in their “being different”.

Our aims

  • Open dialogue and exchange on the characteristics of diversity
  • Networking diversity into projects / initiatives to promote synergies
  • Technical discussions and events with internal and external experts
  • Activities to make diversity visible at the Charité
  • Training on diversity and inclusion
  • The diversity network serves as a platform for the visibility of diversity at the Charité