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What is diversity?

Encompassing the notions of plurality and heterogeneity, the term 'diversity' describes the differences and commonalities which exist among people. At Charité, 'diversity' means recognizing the benefits of a diverse staff and student body, and learning to respect and value the diversity of others. The concept of diversity goes beyond the groups covered by anti-discrimination legislation. Diversity affects everyone and is all-inclusive.

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The “Four Layers of Diversity” - based on Gardenswartz & Rowe

All of the gender equality and equal opportunity measures already implemented at Charité are underpinned by the concept of gender. The Diversity Network was created to complement these measures. It represents a more comprehensively holistic approach, which is based on the provisions of the current regulatory framework (EU: anti-discrimination directives; Germany: General Act on Equal Treatment, AGG).

The agenda-setting challenges currently facing Charité are as follows: equal opportunities, a corporate culture that discourages discrimination, and a positive and resource-oriented approach to social heterogeneity.