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Diversity in science, research, care and leadership

Diversity and the most varied perspectives on diversity are a great challenge for research with many opportunities.

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Diversity in care


E-learning platform “Diversity in Care”, Zentrum Überleben

The e-learning platform “Diversity in Care” commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Health aims to raise awareness of the needs of people with a migration background, to reduce prejudices and to point out perspectives. The online training strengthens transcultural skills in everyday care and helps to take cultural differences into account in a targeted and appropriate manner. The platform developed by the Paulo-Freire school is divided into 14 thematic modules, each consisting of four working levels. They are structured identically and can be viewed and edited in any order.

Topic A two-minute animated film introduces the module. The films offer an everyday and practice-oriented introduction to the respective topic.

Theory The respective text deepens a certain aspect or offers an extended introduction to the topic. References and links are appended to the text, inviting further reading.

Practice The four-minute scientific educational film establishes relationships between individual aspects of the topic, points out sensitive areas and shows ways of dealing with them successfully.

Test The respective modules are completed with a test consisting of four questions. It serves as a learning control and concludes with a certificate.

The individual learning modules can be completed in one working day, but can also be worked on gradually. The platform can be accessed free of charge at

Women in science and research

The CEWS Journal provides information on women in science and research

CEWS - June 2021: Main topic: Evaluation of equality plans from four MINT universities as part of the EU project GEECCO

CEWS - March 2021: Main topic: Start of the European research project UniSAFE in the CEWS

CEWS - October 2020: Main topic: The unsolved problem of worry

CEWS - July 2020: Focus: Gender-related and sexualised violence in science

CEWS - May 2020: Focus: The legal anchoring of diversity management at universities in Germany

CEWS - January 2020: Focus: Who rocks the boat? Policy Responses to Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Harrassment in Academia

CEWS - October 2019: Focus: Gender-based violence in academia - from practical interventions to research and back

CEWS - August 2019: Focus: On the relationship between family and equality policies - or who actually benefits from gender-neutral family policies?

CEWS - May 2019: Focus: Equality and digitization

CEWS - February 2019: Focus: usual resistance or new questions? Attacks on gender equality work in the university context.

CEWS - December 2018: Focus: Feminist Research, Women Moving Archives and Digitality. An archive political side light.

CEWS - October 2018: Main topic: The goal is clear: Half of the world for women

CEWS - June 2018: Focus: A successful cooperation model: Master's degree in Gender & Queer Studies in Cologne

CEWS - February 2018: Main topic: Funding programs for women in science and research

CEWS - June 2017: Focus topic "Successful with mentoring"

CEWS - May 2017: On the way to overarching networking structures - cooperation between equality actors

CEWS - February 2017: “New Governance and Gender Equality in Science” - Conference Documentation

CEWS - December 2016: Focus topic "Gender Summit 9 Europe" in Brussels: A focus on MINT disciplines

CEWS - June 2016: Focus topic: Do Women Professors lead to more Gender in Research

CEWS - May 2016: Focus topic: female professorships development and scenarios for the past and future

CEWS - March 2016: Position paper: Evaluation and continuation of the Excellence Initiative from a gender perspective