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Office for Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Charité's Officers for Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities help support gender equality and equal opportunities at all careers and career stages. The team works in close cooperation with BuKoF and its various relevant sub-committees.

The Office for Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities was instrumental in starting the Diversity Network.


Mentoring Competence Center

In order to provide support to its students and outstanding young researchers, Charité has developed a targeted mentoring program, which focuses on both career and personal development initiatives. Mentoring has been shown to be a highly effective, yet highly flexible, staff development tool. For more information, please visit the Mentoring Competence website



Gender in the model course

Frau Ludwig im Gespräch zu Gender in der Lehre

Gender in the model course in medicine

In the model course at the Charité, gender aspects and gender didactics were systematically and interdisciplinary anchored in the curriculum. With the commitment of the women's and gender equality officers and the support of the Berlin Equal Opportunities Program (BCP), a position was established at the Dieter Scheffner specialist center that is solely responsible for gender-specific aspects and gender-oriented didactics in the model course. Ms. Ludwig coordinates the anchoring of gender and diversity in teaching and didactics.

Gender & diversity-oriented teaching as a quality feature

Gender-equitable teaching can thus contribute to an overall increase in the quality of teaching, because it gives teachers and learners methods to deal with and use social and cultural diversity.