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Sexual diversity

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Trans* and health care

A workshop with Emy Fem

Emy Fem is a femme-identified performer, activist, and workshop facilitator with a transitioning transgendered body. She explores the topics of body, sexuality and gender from a range of different perspectives. Emy Fem uses different workshops and performance events to explore these topics in the context of different countries and settings, including health care, advisory structures, social work, and different political contexts. 


Trans* terminology [German]

Trans*, Inter*Queer  e. V. (TrIQ) is a Berlin-based society run by and for people who identify as transgender, intersex, or queer.

For advice, please contact the Trans*Inter* Advisory Service for Berlin, email

LGBTQI * in various industries

“The discrimination of LGBTI people breaks down social structures” – an interview with Ise Bosch on the launch of the study “Just head-banging won't work”  
How do organizations which work to further the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or intersex (LGBTI) people in the southern and eastern regions of the globe use their strategies to fight discrimination which is entrenched in social structures? How do their efforts tie in with the international debate on human rights? And how can international donors and funders support these efforts without exposing themselves to accusations of imposing western values? Our new study “Just head-banging won't work” aims to provide answers to these and many other questions.
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In Germany, openly gay senior managers are few and far between.

Germany certainly has a shortage of well-known and highly visible LGBTI people in senior management positions. In contrast to the United States, where Apple's CEO Tim Cook is happy to use his own homosexuality as a marketing opportunity, German companies display far more reticence. However, these high-level LGBTI bosses do exist... Study: Diversity under scrutiny (2015) [German]... More information

New study 2015: LGBTI Diversity Management [German] – companies still fail to meet requirements.


Remarkable Diversity – Homosexuality and Diversity Management [German].

Summary report of results: 'Zusammenfassung und Aufschlüsselung einiger Ergebnisse der Studie', by Dr. Thoma Köller, Goethe University Frankfurt; Vienna University of Economics and Business 2010

Transgender-experienced psychotherapists in Berlin

Dr. med Renate Försterling (Psychotherapeut_in, Gutachter_in)
 Berliner Str. 9
 10715 Berlin
 Tel.: +49 30 - 23 63 08 87
 Fax.:+49 30 - 23 63 08 86
 eMail: info [at]


Dr. Sieglinde Bast (Psychotherapeut_in)
 Praxis S. Bast
 Erkstr. 3
 12043 Berlin
 Tel.: +49 30 - 687 43 88
 Fax.:+49 30 - 680 87 112


Dipl.-Psych. Wolfgang Baer

The TransInterQueer Berlin association has published brochures for medical professionals that can be read here: