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Queer Research WG

We are an inter- and transdisciplinary working group of queer researchers and researchers on queer topics at Charité.

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Who are we?

We are an inter- and transdisciplinary working group of queer researchers and researchers on queer topics at Charité.
By "queer", we understand people who  
-  identify themselves as homosexual, bi-sexual, pansexual or asexual in their sexuality and/or
-  see themselves as aromantic in their romantic orientation, for example, and/or
-  are trans, inter, non-binary, genderfluid/flexible or agender with regard to their gender identity.
Since this list cannot be complete and since the terminology around non-cis-heteronormative sexuality and gender identities is constantly in flux, we have decided - also against the background of our own self-identification - to use the term "queer" as a collective term. At this point we would also like to refer to the definition of the Queer Network, which is largely identical to ours.

What are our goals?

The working group wants to make queer researchers at the Charité and queer research projects at the Charité more visible. On the one hand, it wants to be a place of exchange for queer researchers to talk about experiences and discrimination in research. But there should also be space to talk about methods, problems and challenges of research work in general, especially those that arise specifically in relation to research on queer topics. On the other hand, this exchange should also provide the opportunity for researchers to be sensitized to the experiences and perspectives of queer people. From this, we hope to improve research on corresponding topics in the future, but also to be able to make recommendations for the practical handling of queer test persons and/or patients. In this way, employees, researchers and students at the Charité should be sensitized to queer issues and discrimination against queer people, also from an intersectional perspective. For this purpose, we are in close exchange with internal and external actors at Charité.

How can the working group achieve its goals?

The working group is to bundle and network queer research projects at the Charité and to use emerging synergies in order to make knowledge gained more accessible and usable. The working group should be the starting point for new collaborations and research projects on queer topics.
The working group would like to develop standard recommendations on how gender and sexual diversity can be better reflected in research projects (at Charité).
Derived from this, more queer sensitivity should be created in the context of research at Charité.