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International Day Against Racism

On 21 March, the UN International Day Against Racism, the JAV, in cooperation with the Diversity Network, draws attention to everyday racialism in the hospital.

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The youth and trainee representation (JAV) represents the interests of the apprentices and young employees of the Charité. We are committed to appropriate communication, transcultural competence and anti-discrimination in the work environment. Everyday racism affects patients, colleagues and trainees.

When people are confronted with racial prejudice because of their "skin color", their (assumed) origin or other attributions, this is unacceptable! They are marginalized and devalued.

Everyday racism has many faces and a racist is not behind every statement. Often we are unaware of the significance of what we have said. We should talk about comments like alleged compliments "but you speak good German" or praising generalizations "Asian students are always so diligent", but still thinking and questioning, because they are based on racist stereotypes.

Especially in the hospital we are in daily contact with people from various cultural areas. Prejudices that we constantly repeat and reproduce are deep in the consciousness and are solidified by toleration. They not only influence how we deal with our colleagues, but also with our patients. A professional and value-free cooperation is not feasible without questioning your own prejudices!


  • We question our own prejudices.
  • We interfere with one-sided opinion.
  • We alert each other to racisms.
  • We show solidarity and are responsible for our working environment.


Following the campus tour of the trainees of health professionals, the workshop "Attitude show - discussion strategies against right" was accompanied by F. Büttner and D. Fuchs, experts in right-wing extremism racism prevention.